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Executive Workstation

We know there is a new way of working that is changing the World. There is a new style to promote the collective intelligence using cooperation and creating nets to share tasks, interests and emotions. We know and feel that there is a new way of understanding work that is looking for flexibility, valuing diversity and promoting personal development.

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Executive Chair

Slouching, backaches and lethargy are all symptoms of poor ergonomics in the workplace – and it affects us more than we think! It causes high human error rates, reduced mental alertness, and low employee morale and productivity. So sit up straight! It’ll significantly shape our health, performance and general well being in the long run. Contact us for more detail about our ergonomic chair.

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Office Table Malaysia


Executive Desking

We designed for future oriented managers and executives, able to mix functionality and elegance. It is an elite presidential designed for those who love to set themselves apart from the crowd, which recognizes the importance of having an object of design in their office, not a simple desk, but an article of furniture which leaves visitors and guests pleasantly surprised and breathless.

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Etrend Office Furniture Malaysia

One Stop Solution for Office Furniture Supply Malaysia

ETREND DESIGN is a manufacturer of office furniture, home furniture, hostel and hotel furniture and education furniture in Malaysia.

Etrend Design has many years of experience in supplying furnitures for Office, Home use, Hotel, Education or even Sports furniture. We have 3 factories & 1 associates which enough to supply for big demand. Our business focus on providing Office Furniture Malaysia with good quality and supply to Malaysia, Singapore, India, Canada, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa and many other countries. Please contact us if you have any enquiries about our service.

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why us?

Because We provide Excellent After Sales Service

For ETREND DESIGN product responsibility means more than the functional and design longevity of products. An environmentally compatible material cycle and product service, and enhancement to extend product life are also priorities for us which go without saying. We even continue to show responsibility at the end of product life and offer our customers extensive take-back and recycling services.

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