After Sales Service


For ETREND DESIGN product responsibility means more than the functional and design longevity of products. An environmentally compatible material cycle and product service, and enhancement to extend product life are also priorities for us which go without saying. We even continue to show responsibility at the end of product life and offer our customers extensive take-back and recycling services. Service agreement
For optimal maintenance of products during their service life: periodical checks of office swivel chairs serve to keep our products in good working order and, if necessary, to draw attention to any repairs that might be necessary.
Your order includes a service agreement which comprises three visits by our service technicians within a period of 5 years.

Our repair price list allows estimates to be made with speed and precision, and applies to all  furniture ranges. For furniture ranges, that are no longer produced, we offer a repair service for an additional two years after the product has been discontinued.

General overhaul
A general overhaul is usually carried out at our plant on the basis of a detailed estimate, and is arranged by our local ETREND DESIGN consultant or by a local dealer.
Older products, which no longer meet current technical or design standards, may be updated if the customers wishes.

Product take-back, utilization of parts and recycling
We guarantee that we will take back our products  with the following  circumstances. These furniture are disassembled at our plant, all parts are sorted into pure material categories and passed on for recycling. But so far this has not happened very often: why should you part with good old furniture if they can be repaired at a reasonable cost?
All other models contained in the repair price list may, on request, be taken back by our plant. In the case

of a new order, no take-back costs will be billed for those furniture being replaced by new furniture ordered