Office Table Design

Getting ready for your new office renovation and still bothered with wide range of workstation table available in Malaysia? And wondering how to customize the design of your office table to fit in limited space?

Office Table Design

Introducing MU Table Series, simple and sleek design that bring your office a fresh new look. Rectangle free standing table combines with side return cabinet and drawer make a perfect combination for your ideal office table design in Malaysia.

Office Table Wide Space Design

MU Series is flexible and easily customizable. Take MU 4CC as example, cabinet is designed to be space saving concept which comprises both side return mechanism to give extra space and comfortable workspace. Customer can quickly customize and combine 4 desk system together and create workspace for 4 people to give flexibility to create high effective team working environment. This feature has provide a wide range of mix-and-match option if you are looking for unique office desk design.

MU series houses a complete range of office desk design option possible available. From Desking tables, mobile pedestals, to even tiniest part such as desking panels, customer can craft their preferred office desking system, or get recommendation from our professionals. We don’t limit our self on table system only, but included storage units such as low open shelf cabinet or sliding door cabinet for your selection as well.

meeting room wide space design

If you are looking natural design with natural and simple style yet customizable office table design, look no further than Etrend MU Series. Browse through below gallery and contact us to find out more about the system.


mu2 mu3 mu4 mu5