Workstation 101

Feel exhausted, suffering back pains, or pain in your wrists? Pay attention to your office furniture

  • Everything should be the right size in accordance with your weight and height. So, adjustable furniture is the way to go in order to cater to all your employees of different shapes and sizes.
  • Keyboards should be placed at the edge of a table, while your monitor should be located at one arm's length from you.
  • Full partitions create a semblance of a room - providing more privacy for thinking sessions and private discussions.
  • Partial partitions eliminate unnecessary distractions, allowing for better focus and concentration - yet still enables easy interaction within office.

SIERRA - the epitome of style and simplicity, along with the unique fusion of intelligent designs with both forms and function that are cost effective and easily installed.

THICKNESS:Frame Structure:1.0-2.0 mm Panel Tile/ Frame : 35mm BLOCK SYSTEM PARTITION

MATERIAL:Aluminium Extrusion




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